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Why Snapography?

Chrissy & Stacey share a passion for helping others and get excited about empowering YOU to be able to use your fancy DSLR camera to its fullest potential. We can't wait to share our different perspectives with you to help you get closer to your own vision.

So, if you've had that DSLR for a while and are still trying to understand lighting and still shooting in Auto, Snapography is the perfect start! Also, as we touch on composition techniques, you will begin to have the tools to bring your own vision to life through your pictures.

We love that Snapography allows you a safe supportive environment for you to learn with others who are right where you are in your journey.

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Chrissy Winchester and Stacey Lanier

Chrissy Winchester

Owner / Photographer at Chrissy Winchester Photography

Stacey Lanier

Owner / Photographer at Stacey Lanier Photography